About PAgrows

Agriculture is a $67 billion dollar a year industry.  Producers, processors and other agribusinesses combine to make some of the highest quality products in the nation and worldwide.  From the largest dairy farm, to the smallest niche farming operations, agribusinesses in Pennsylvania are seeking the capital they need to begin, continue or expand their operations.  

Most farmers don’t have a Chief Financial Officer to help fill out paperwork for government loan programs, and many lenders don’t understand the Schedule F on a farm tax return.  Pairing financial assistance from DCED with technical assistance from PDA helps everyone in the process.

PAgrows, launched at the 2005 Farm Show, created a toll-free number and website support program to help agribusinesses access the money they need to begin, continue and expand their business. 
Growing your agribusiness takes hard work and countless hours.  The time to sit down and learn the numerous lists of agencies and programs that exist to assist the agribusiness owner is often a luxury.  PAgrows was created in order to address the need for a central point of contact that could ease the burden of finding the right program and provide understanding and guidance for the various application processes.

PAgrows specializes in helping farmers, food processors, farmers market operators, and other agricultural businesses put all of the pieces of this lending puzzle together.

Pennsylvania agribusinesses, through a number of state and federal programs have access to grants and low interest loans which help to compliment private and local lender funding.  PAgrows is designed to help agribusiness put all of the pieces of this lending puzzle together. 

If at any time you have questions about material on this site, or are seeking funding for your project, please call our toll free number:

1-888-PAgrows (1-888-724-7697).

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