Q. Do I qualify for the loan/grant?
a. Each program has its own set of requirements that should be reviewed as thoroughly as possible.  These requirements may change from time to time so it is always best to check before making any submissions.  For more detailed information, it is always best to contact the organization providing the money or call us at PAgrows.

Q. How long does it take to receive the money?
a. Times vary from program to program.  Typically, paperwork can take three to four months.  The better prepared you are and the more documentation you have available, the easier and quicker the process will be.

Q. What documents should I have available when applying for a loan?
a. Previous three years of tax returns, financial statements, cash flow statements, profit/loss statements.  Also, any history or statement of leans against your property and lists of your assets.

Q. Why am I contacting PAgrows?
a. While PAgrows does not directly administer any of the listed programs, we have developed a relationship with the groups that do and have up to date information on each of the programs.  PAgrows is a great first stop for finding what programs will work best for your needs and we offer the follow through to make sure you stay on track with the program you are using.

Q. How can lenders and providers benefit from PAgrows?
a. Agricultural lending is often an underserved market and many lending institutions and service providers do not have the staff or background needed to understand the ag lending process.  PAgrows will do its best to provide technical assistance when requested and help the understanding of the ins and outs of farm economics.

Q. Who services my loan?
a. Area Loan Organizations, Industrial Development Authorities, Industrial Development Corporations, state and federal agencies as well as private lenders each share a part in servicing your loan depending on which loan program you are using.  Often times, more than one will have a part in servicing your loan and will require separate payments.  More details can be found in the program specifics.

Q. How do I know if I am in an Ag Security Area?
a. Ag Security Areas are administered on the township level.  Contacting your township supervisor is often a good first stop.  You can also contact the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Farmland Preservation if you have difficulty retrieving the information from your township.

Q. My credit is not that great, will that affect my ability to qualify?
a. Depending on the program, credit history will play a significant role in your eligibility.  There are programs available which are meant to help those who do not have the best credit and they are listed on this site.

Q. Why should I have a business plan?
a. Business plans serve as your compass to guide and direct your enterprise.  It makes concrete your threats, challenges, opportunities and assets to meet your business goals.  It also serves as an information support for your lenders and marketing decisions.

Q. Why do these programs require multiple copies of the same documents?
a. In most cases, more than one person is required to review your application during the process.  Multiple copies speeds up the dissemination of information to those individuals and helps to provide quicker return times on your projects.

Q.  Can I refinance my existing Debt?
a. Almost none of the state and federal loan programs allow refinancing.  However, both the First Industries Fund and USDA have loan guarantee programs which could be applied by a private lender who is doing your refinance.

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